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Sarkom Rezeksiyonu Sonrası Biyolojik Rekonstrüksiyon

Foot Deformity

Girl child of 11 years of age was operated with diagnosis of resistant pres ecinovarus deformity which was operated twice before. Correction with computer supported hexapodal system was applied to...

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Diagnostic Algorithms in Metastatic Patients

Skeletal system is the region where cancer cells metastases most frequently after the liver and lung. For the treatment approaches of skeletal metastases where palliative treatment methods were...

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Hip Fracture Treatment for Above 80 Years of Age

With increasing average human lifespan and enrichment of social life quality, the frequency of bone fractures in this age group have also increased. A new concept in orthopaedic literature is...

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How do Orthopaedic Prosthesis Infections Occur?

How Should They be Treated? What is Orthopaedic Prosthesis Infection?Orthopaedic infections constitute of a significant problem due to increased number of hip and knee arthroplasties around the...

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How is Lengthening Surgery Performed?

What is Lengthening Surgery? Which techniques are used? Which Method is More Advantageous? How is method to be used determined? How is lengthening surgery performed? How long is the healing process?...

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What is Lengthening Surgery, How Does My Height Grow?

What is Lengthening Surgery? What is short stature? Why does height stay lower? How does short stature get diagnosed? What are treatment methods? How much the height grow with surgery? For whom the...

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Skeletal System Tumours

What are the indicators of bone tumours?Depending on the type of the tumour, swelling and pain are the most common indicators. While this is especially noticeable in malign tumours - or sarcomas -...

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Benign Bone Tumour

Bone TumourBone tumour can be described as mass or swelling that occurs in skeletal system cells that multiply without control. The reasons of most bone tumours are unknown. With the spreading of the...

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