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Benign Soft Tissue Tumour

Benign Soft Tissue Tumour

Soft tissue tumours are the cancerous tumour that are seen in the soft tissue in your body. Soft tissue connects the other structures in the body together, supports and surrounds them. Sarcomas occur in the bones and cartilage, muscles, tendons, fats, and connective soft tissue and supporting tissue surrounding organs or tissues, and on the external surface of the lungs, heart, central nervous system and veins.


Desmoid Tumour

In a male patient of 17 years of age, after the tests performed due to the complaint of numbness in right feet and swelling in the leg, a mass of 18 cm diameter was found behind right tight bone. With the performed tru-cut biopsy, diagnosis of desmoid tumour (aggressive fibromatosis) was determined. Sciatic nerve was dissected to patient and wide local resection and adjuvant radiotherapy were performed.


Schwannom - Perineural Dissection

In a female patient of 35 years of age, after the tests performed due to the complaint of painful swelling in left leg and performed tru-cut biopsy, Schwannoma in n. tibialis posterior sheath was found. The mass was extirpated with perineural dissection technique without causing neurological deficit.