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Malign Bone Tumour

Malign Bone Tumour

They don’t occur by themselves. Generally they occur taking the advantage of primary cancers formed as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, renal cancer or in thyroid. Primary malign bone tumours are rarely encountered and they are most seen in young males. Malign bone tumours are removed with surgery and then other treatments are started. Other treatments are radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Usually, the limb malign tumour formed in needs to be cut.


Tibia Adamantinoma

In a male patient of 15 years of age, bone segment transfer and then bridging plate was applied with wide resection, circular external fixator due to tibia adamantinoma.


Radius Chondrosarcoma

In a male patient of 45 years of age, wide local resection which holds radius distal edge and ulna distal edge was applied with the diagnosis of grade II chondrosarcoma. Segment transfer with combined technique with the purpose of reconstruction and then wrist arthrodesis was applied to the patient.


Femur Lower Edge Chondrosarcoma - Modular Tumour Prosthesis

In a male patient of 44 years of age, wide local resection and reconstruction with modular tumour prosthesis was applied with the diagnosis of Grade 3 chondrosarmcoma in left femur lower edge.


Chondrosarcoma in Pelvis

In a male patient of 36 years of age, pelvis resection which includes abdomen wall and sacroilliac join and protecting acetabulum with diagnosis of grade 2 chrondrosarcoma originated in right ileum. Bone defect was bridged with titanium cage and fibula structural graft, and abdomen wall defect was reconstructed with prolene mesh.