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Under the provisions of the personal data protection act 6698 ("KVKK"), Prof. Dr. Levent ERALP consultant, in charge of data, your personal information must be stored, stored, updated if permitted by law 3. We will inform you of our mutual rights and responsibilities in accordance with the specified statutory regulation, which may be disclosed, transferred, classified and processed by the means listed in the kvkk.

Objective and legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data; the establishment of the relationship between the user and the visitor, according to the Legislative, the executive and the executive of the provisions of a contract, Use and all other information required to be protected to we provide you, including identity, address, tax identification number and personal data cookies to the writer/entrepreneur; electronic (internet / phone, etc) to be able to edit all the records and documents of a basic processing in a paper environment; the opportunity to improve the quality of service through marketing and statistical activities in order to comply with information retention, reporting and disclosure obligations stipulated by legislation, competent authorities and other agencies; and to provide requested / other products / services. Private personal data is processed in a contractual relationship due to Communication, Information Presentation and similar processes.

The persons / entities to which personal data may be transferred for the purposes above are persons, government agencies and organizations, and private government agencies and organizations permitted by the provisions of the legislation. Private personal data may be transferred to companies within and outside the country where we serve to carry out subject activities for the purposes specified in the legislation we are subject to, with guaranteed confidentiality agreements. Personal and private data; unless unauthorized or legally liable, it is stored in a secure environment that is not publicly available and is not strictly transferred to third parties.

Personal data collection method; questions, messages, phone calls sent to our site, such as bilumum may be collected via digital channels, your personal data may be collected orally, in writing or electronically.