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Malign Soft Tissue Tumour

Malign Soft Tissue Tumour

Soft tissue tumours originating from connective tissue are malign tumours. These occur in more advanced ages than bone cancers. Malign fibroses hystiocytoma, liposarcoma, sinovial sarcoma, rabdomiyosarcoma and such tumours can be counted amongst common soft tissue tumours. But soft tissue sarcoma are encountered more in numbers. Their treatment are also different than bone cancers. Chemotherapy is not a common method for soft tissue sarcoma but only used in some tumour types. Base treatment is wide surgical resection and radiotherapy.

In a male patient of 22 years of age, pleomorphic sarcoma was reported after tru-cut biopsy on the mass in right tight bone adductor region which include femoral artery and vein, with 15 cm diameter. Following the radiotherapy before the surgery, wide local resection where femoral artery and vein were sacrificed, was performed and both artery and vein, and were reconstructed with otology saphenous vein grafts.